The Lupita Coin Ring - Name Inspiration ( Actress/Author Lupita Nyong'o)

Updated: May 21

Have you ever heard of the actress/author Lupita Nyong'o? If not, you should look her up! Because this Academy Award-winning, Kenyan-Mexican actress embodies to me a timeless elegance and class that I admire.

To me, she is beautiful, graceful, talented, and creative-- and most of all, I love how she embraces her natural beauty and inspires other children and women of color to love the skin they are in. So I decided to name the ring Lupita because pairs perfectly with the look of this elegant and timeless piece. Plus, I often get a lot of compliments on it, so I figured I'd share a little more detail.

Lupita is a coin ring to personalize with a special year, short word, a set of initials, or even a name. Its delicately hammered presence and intricate vintage wire wrap detail, really make it a beautiful while subtle statement piece!

The year on it is significant for me because it was a year that defined the moment that I publicly redeclared my faith in Christ. I was baptized and it was a special moment. Not the defining moment in my ongoing walk, but a special moment nonetheless.

Do you have any moments like this in your life or journey? Don't worry, it doesn't have to be anything like what I described. Either way, Lupita is a special way to capture similar moments and I can't wait to capture those moments for you.

Lupita is available in 14k gold-filled or brass (Bulk requests, also available).

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