Be brave

Updated: Apr 9

If you're anything like me, sometimes you can stop yourself from even trying anything new simply because you are overwhelmed by how many talented people are out there. But it's easy to look into what others are doing and question what you will bring differently to the table. And I think it's even harder let go of the doubt and fear, and move anyways.

This was something I had to let go of before Changed Impressions could even start. I knew there were plenty of other talented artists, but decided to put myself out there in spite of what I saw! It was not easy...and it's still not easy. But those times when I get stuck because I keep asking myself why even try, or keep going? I think about my why which comes from a combination of two things:

The first is that, I truly enjoy creating-- when I do it, I think I'm operating in what God has gifted me to do. I've also learned that working with my hands happens to be something that helps me healthily process. lol seriously-- it's great.

And's fulfilling the purchases of you ladies who choose to support my vision! Every time there's a shout out, or every time I see people adding one of my pieces to their already amazing collection of jewelry, I do a happy dance on the inside :).

Seriously, a legit happy dance, because I know that it's not some made up venture in my head, but that in some way, each piece that I select/ or decide to create, connects with others in a way that I hoped it would. That's what helps me to keep going when I face uncertainty and doubts...and that's what enables me to trust that what God has placed in me is worth sharing with the Even if that world is small right now...I still think it's pretty awesome.

My point is...don't be discouraged by what you see or how talented others in your industry are. Celebrate with them, encourage one another, learn from them, but also know that what you bring is added value! Something beautiful that can connect with a whole different set of people.

:) so let's be brave!

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