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A look back at 2020..

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

2020 has been one challenging kind of year. If I'm honest, it was filled with a lot of ups and downs, but mostly, it was a time to sit and wrestle and grow as I learned and discovered a lot about the history behind racial tensions here in America. I can't speak to every one else's experience, but I can attest to the challenges of what it felt like to grow up in my skin and feel beautiful. To bloom in growing confidence as I learned to appreciate my natural beauty, while also celebrating the beauty in others. To understand that to celebrate how God made me, didn't take away from others, but added another dimension to the world in a way that adds even more depth and complexity. lol I might be rambling now...but it's true. In 2020, as I watched the world unravel...I also saw an opportunity to rebuild and redefine beauty as it was always meant to be seen.

So what's next?

2021 won't be filled with resolutions that will be broken or haha as I saw in a friend's post recently, themed words that will probably be forgotten (though I will say that there is nothing wrong with having a vision or setting goals). Instead, 2021 will be about celebrating the unique differences of beauty in others that will add to-- and not take away from our world as we know it.

Recognizing what we've accomplished...

In 2020, Changed Impressions had the pleasure of turning One!!! We also found a way to give back from our profits, to a local community in Durham, as well as a non-profit that centered around racial reconciliation called "Be the Bridge". We also created specific pieces that were inspired to encourage like our heart necklace "Ebony," which celebrated beauty and challenged awareness towards inequality. And our collection in February titled "Broken Yet Beautiful," hammered jewelry that symbolized hits in life that occurred, but still added unique beauty and character within.

In 2021, Changed Impressions still desires to be that type of shop. A shop designed to encourage and create meaningful pieces that speak to our stories...and now also with art. If you don't know already, I really love visuals and happened to graduate with a graphic communication degree! And so through graphic art, I've created mini art prints that will capture the theme of beauty redefined, friendships, and plants! As singer/writer Morgan Harper Nichols shares constantly...plants remind us that growth is slow and steady...and with the proper care, we can be cultivated into something more beautiful than ever imagined. lol I wish I could say that I created these from scratch, but I didn't... BUT I did use my handy apple pencil to add my own unique touches and tweaks that complimented the brand of Changed Impressions. And I really love the end results and hope that you will too! :)

As I have said so many times before, I am so thankful and love all of you who have helped to make this dream possible. And while

we continue to move forward, I hope that Changed Impressions will continue to grow into something unique and still be a place to capture your own personal messages that remain close to your heart.

In 2021 I hope that we continue to help you feel beautiful as we also celebrate the uniqueness of beauty in the stories of others.

Here's to hoping that you will continue to stick around for the ride.

Happy New Years and God bless!

Yours truly,


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