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Farewell for now...

I've been dreading this moment...

...because I hate goodbyes. And even though I can't say how long this goodbye will be, I know that the new year is approaching and I want everyone, including my future daughter, to have my undivided attention.

I began Changed Impressions in July of 2019, as a way to encourage others, but little did I know how much both it AND you all would inspire and impact me!

First off, I am an introvert at heart so the challenge to continue to put myself out there without the certainty of success was something I had to push past, every single time,

from my very first pop-up application, every market experience thereafter, to generating interest for workshops and collaborations with other small businesses and influencers. This journey has been a test of endurance and a test of faith. A journey I firmly believe that God has used to help shape me and help others feel confident and beautiful!


I have mentioned in my IG posts that I have not been able to keep up with the business to conserve energy, but I can also share that it's because a lot of other great things have happened too!

For instance, in March I was promoted for the Girl Scouts and I finally transitioned to a career that aligned with my degree! And what a JOY it has been!! Of course I believe Changed Impressions played a big part of my resume experiences and confidence :).

Then in May, my husband and I found out that we got pregnant! Each day has been such a wonder at the miracle of pregnancy, and the anticipation as we wait for her safe arrival. I purposely slowed down production, workshops, and markets earlier on, although there were moments when I wanted to keep going! But I'm so glad I did because little did I know about random pregnancy symptoms like carpal tunnel lol...not to mention the 1st trimester fatigue.

I fully anticipate the carpal tunnel to go away post partum, but love that I was still able to create items for myself and locally for a storefront in Durham, NC.


As the new year countdown begins, there's so much to do as we are officially in baby watch mode, moving, and taking care of other important matters! So my final day at Pioneer will be on the 14th of January, and with that, the end of the production side of Changed Impressions for a while! However, through jewelry making, I've been able to tap into something that I truly enjoy and to say that will come to an indefinite close, sounds very unlikely! I do however see my studio shifting to a more hobby-like approach and maybe even one day I'll share that love with my daughter (if she desires) lol.

Through this business, I have been blessed with a life I've never expected, and I'd be remiss without saying thanks to all of you who have supported me during this amazing ride! Your support, even through DMs and messages, meant so much to me and sometimes even encouraged me to keep going :). This journey has taught me to never be afraid to try.

So there it is... I may add some shots in my stories of my personal life, but until next time, I wish you all a Happy New Year with nothing but joy and peace in every situation!


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