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My First Workshop

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Hey Changed Tribe!

I just wanted to take some time to actually update you guys and celebrate Changed Impressions First workshop with Joyworthy Co! Because I really loved all the special meanings behind each stamp and also, it was such a great time sharing something I love to do!

We started out with a quick introduction about how Changed Impressions got started, and then I showed them around the tools.

We walked through the different metal blanks...and spent sometime practicing. Lol and ohh did we practice!

We also laughed, sipped wine, ate was so much fun.

We practiced until they felt comfortable to stamp their final piece-- a heart charm bracelet or bar necklace ✨.

And the results were super impressive!

Would you like to enjoy a class like this? Or host a private event with your girls? If so, contact me to get started. Or, keep a look out for events in the near future!

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