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Breaking the Cycle-- A Bike Ride Event

Hey Changed Tribe!

Can I share a little secret with you?

Ever since I've started out my own healing journey of trauma, I am passionate about other causes that serve those who have experienced trauma...and also, as you've seen in pieces like "Ebony" the underprivilege and people of color.

And I know everyone has their own reasons why they do the good for others, but for me, I'd say it's because of my faith. It's because Jesus first loved me!

But that's not the point of this post--

The point of this post is to share about a really cool organization and fundraising event that took place on 9/26/21!

How I Got Started--

I reached out to the Women's Center a few months ago because I was interested in learning more about what they do. Because assistance with trauma is important to me, and so I naturally gravitated to their cause. That's when I reached out to Nora, who is in charge of their Philanthropy and Communications and expressed my interest in wanting to collab to bring awareness to what they do, and potentially work with them to create something special.

So together we thought it would be a cool idea to raffle off a piece at their bike event Break the Cycle (Bike ride to benefit homeless women in our city)... and I thought it would be cool to commemorate the event with a charm necklace of sorts.

The necklace consisted of a 18k gold plated butterfly, along with two 14k gold-filled discs that have a bike stamped on it, and the word hope on the other. Why did I decide to go with these symbols?

Well you see, when I was touring the center and heard about what this organization did, I could only think of the word hope. Because this place provides shelter to be safe for a moment. An opportunity to connect with other women that are going through the same thing. The creative workshops they have to offer, the community garden, and even the safe haven of a quiet space, really made me think about how important and necessary organizations like this really is for women who need resources to get them back on their feet. So I created a custom design stamp with this word because well-- I love a good script haha.

The butterfly has always been a cool symbol of change for me (after all I have it tattooed on my shoulder)! And so after seeing it in an office space, I thought it would be really cool to incorporate it into the design.

And finally, if you've attended this cycle event, how could you not want a bike stamp to commemorate this very special event and share about it when you were your necklace!

So yea-- this charm necklace is simply that-- a necklace to commemorate a special event and hopefully, a great talking point to share more about the Women's Center of Raleigh, and what they do!

Until next time,

Shanika C.

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