One of the things I love most about hand-stamped jewelry, is that it is both unique and tangible. A way to wear a physical reminder of something both meaningful and special to you.

Whether it's a set of initials to hold your children close, or friendship cuffs to celebrate your squad! A significant word of encouragement for whatever season you may be in, a meaningful date, or even a set of coordinates. Whatever the reason, Changed Impressions would love to be a place you can always find the perfect piece to share and celebrate your story...


Shanika Corrica

People often ask me where did the name come from---


Well you see, when the metal stamps are struck into the metal, it changes the state of it, and leaves a mark or an impression. In a way I can also say that's what happened when I encountered Christ for the first time in my life. He left a mark that no other person could. And although I am not perfect and still have so much to learn, I haven't been the same since... Changed Impressions. 


More about the designer: 

  • Shanika enjoys making others feel seen and loved, which is why she adores creating beautiful things that also have significance to others. 

  • She was raised in an Afro-Caribbean home, by her parents who hail from Guyana. And though Shanika was born in New York City, NC is currently home.

  • She can be low key dramatic at times-- but really enjoys laughing and making others smile. 

  • Her favorite thing to do is spending time with close friends, family, and her nerdy boyfriend :).