One of the things I love most about hand-stamped jewelry, is that it is both unique and tangible. A way to wear a physical reminder of something both meaningful and special to you.

Whether it's a set of initials to hold your children close, or friendship cuffs to celebrate your squad! A significant word of encouragement for whatever season you may be in, a meaningful date, or even a set of coordinates. Whatever the reason, Changed Impressions would love to be a place you can always find the perfect piece to share and celebrate your story...


Shanika Corrica

Hi there-- I'm so glad you are here! Welcome to my shop :). I am a self-taught jewelry designer and really began playing with metal during a time in my life that was truly challenging, but so healing. I don't really believe in coincidences, and so I'm convinced that when I found the hand-stamping kit, it was a gift from God to help me cope with trauma. Ands so, as I learned to make impressions on metal, another type of impression began to take place in my heart. And so begins my origin story...

Here are some fun facts about me: 

  • When I'm not creating jewelry, you can find me resolving computer problems by day for the Girls Scouts-- a really cool organization that's all about empowering younger girls. 

  • I really enjoy watching documentaries/movies/tv shows with my nerdy boyfriend-- he really gets me. 

  • This seems like a humble brag, but I rarely talk about how I was once in the Navy and served in Italy for 3 yrs.  

  • My life began when I decided to follow Christ after a season I thought He no longer existed. 

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