At Changed Impressions, the jewelry is as unique as the individual who wears it. That is what is so special about our custom jewelry! Choose between our 14k gold-filled blanks or our premium brass blanks. 14k Gold-filled is meant for long-lasting wear, while brass tarnishes (naturally) or fades over time. However, with proper care and cleaning, you can preserve your personalized jewelry for years to come! All necklaces are personalized by hand and are adorned on 14k gold-filled chains. 


Step 1:

Select chain length

Step 2:

Select Font or Symbol type for the necklace (due to size, not all fonts/symbols are available for each pendant option.)


Step 3:

In the blank, please enter the initials, symbol, or short words you'd like to have stamped. Separating each blank disc/tag with a comma.


For example: (SNC, love, bicycle symbol, heart symbol). 

Step 4:

If this is a gift, please insert in a comment or let me know!


Happy Personalizing :)